Let us take care of your boiler house!

Dampf & Wärme  Maintenance

Regular inspection and maintenance of your boiler, heating, control and water treatment systems ensures a longer service life, higher availability and lower running costs.


Visual inspection of general condition
Inspection of firing system (burner) and control apparatus
Measurement of burner emissions
Water analysis with data calculation
Fitting inspections
Inspections of auxiliary apparatus
Boiler cleaning at flue-gas end
Cleaning at water-pipe end
Inspection report and customer advice


In case of boiler damage, suitable repairs can be carried out in agreement with the customer and TÜV.

Re-piping - replacement of pipe panel
Welding repairs - respotting of diagonal stays
Welding of manhole rings, connection pieces, etc.

Repairs are carried out on all types of boiler and all pressure stages.

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