Second-hand systems

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The company Georg Dickhaut Nachfolger has been selling second-hand systems at home and abroad since 1948. There are a number of good reasons for opting for second-hand system.

Second-hand doesn't mean second-rate!

The most important part of a second-hand boiler system is the boiler pressure vessel. This must be in sound condition at both the water and flue-gas ends. The critical factors are regular inspection of the boiler feed water, maintenance of the prescribed water quality and thorough servicing of the water treatment system. At the flue-gas end, it is important to ensure an optimal burner adjustment and regular cleaning of the flue-gas ducts. With this level of maintenance, a boiler pressure vessel can give you many more decades of service.

TÜV-tested safety

Systems subject to compulsory monitoring have an inspection book containing a complete record of their condition from manufacture to decommissioning. The external and internal inspections and water pressure tests conducted at regular intervals by a TÜV specialist reveal the technical history of the apparatus. On reinstallation, the system is upgraded in close collaboration with TÜV according to the regulations applicable at the time of re-licensing. A new TÜV acceptance inspection is conducted including a prototype test, water pressure test and internal examination. These measures guarantee the customer maximum reliability.

Good price-performance ratio

The customer often needs to invest only half the costs of a comparable new system.

Short-notice delivery

The delivery time can be shortened considerably by comparison with new apparatus, as the second-hand systems are available either from the warehouse or boiler house.

One-stop service

Planning, delivery, assembly of boiler system and piping, preparations for TÜV inspection, start-up, repairs, spare parts and installation.

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