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Dampf & Wärme  An overview of our trading merchandise
 and in-house production


New and second-hand systems for
    high-pressure super-heated steam
    high-pressure saturated steam
    low-pressure steam
    high-pressure hot water
    low-pressure hot water

Heating systems
    Light-oil fired systems
    Gas-fired systems
    Solid-fuel systems for wood
         and coal

Finished chimneys to DIN 4133
    Steel chimneys
    Stainless steel chimneys

Conversions and repairs on
     Boiler systems of all makes

    Waste-gas heat exchangers
    Condensation recirculation systems
    Fuel conversions

    Storage tanks
    Pressure vessels

Boiler types
    Water-tube boilers
    Large water-space boilers
    Three-pass boilers
    High-speed steamers
    Thermal oil boilers
    Electric boilers
    Waste heat boilers
    Heating control centres, stationary and mobile (container-type)

Treatment plants
    Feed water treatment
    Feed water degassing
    Feed water tanks

Block-type thermal power stations

    Steam turbines
    Gas turbines

Leased boiler systems
    Low-pressure hot water
    High-pressure hot water
    Low-pressure steam
    HHigh-pressure steam

170 kW  -    5.000 kW
1.000 kW  -    4.600 kW
320 kg/h -   3.500 kg/h
500 kg/h - 14.000 kg/h

Planning and configuration

Piping construction

Assembly of all components

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