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The company Georg Dickhaut Nachfolger introduced its first mobile energy generating systems back in 1952. These were based on decommissioned Reichsbahn locomotives which constituted a ready-to-use unit in themselves. If we compare the applications of these rail-mounted engines with the mobile high-pressure steam boilers and container systems currently supplied by the company WKD - Wärmetechnik GmbH, the advantages of the modern leased boiler systems are clear.

Mobile systems

can be installed in any location at short notice
are preassembled ready for connection and instant operation
sare licensed for operation at different plants
are equipped for temporary periods of unmonitored operation
do not require constant, direct supervision
     by trained specialist staff

Mobile systems

are used wherever energy is required at a moment's notice, e.g.

in case of damage to stationary systems
as an interim solution during repairs and overhauls
during the installation of new stationary systems
ideal for temporary coverage of peak loads
as an interim solution during the expansion of district heating networks

The container systems are of course also suitable for stationary applications if the user wishes for any reason to install a compact system.

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